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Who We Are

Siva Seed Co. focuses on producing ethically sourced and formulated hemp derived products centered around optimizing the health and wellness of our customers.

Locally Focused

As a central part of the local community, we employ locals and acting as responsible stewards of the land and water.

New Genetics

We are continually adding new genetics to our cannabis collection for various industrial and medical uses.


We deliver products utilizing natural farming methods and organic ingredients.
  • Medical Cannabis and Medical Hemp Therapeutics
  • Industrial Hemp Products
  • High-Quality Hemp Clothing
  • Medical Cannabis and Industrial Hemp genetics

Network Of Farmers

Siva’s hemp flower is sourced from a network of farmers dedicated to the cultivation of high-quality smokable hemp strains. Our growers focus on organic cultivation practices to produce strains with vibrant terpene profiles and cannabinoid percentages, providing our customers with an enjoyable experience they can taste, smell, and feel.


Siva has partnered with an established and accredited lab that is cGMP, ISO, and API certified for the sourcing of the cannabinoids we use for our tinctures, vape cartridges, and edibles.


Siva’s tinctures utilize multiple specific cannabinoids from our partnered lab in conjunction with certain mushroom and herbal extracts to achieve targeted results and bolster the effects of cannabinoids. Siva’s vape cartridge formulations utilize minor cannabinoids and specific terpene profiles to create a combined, targeted effect. 

About our Products

Siva offers both CBD and hemp-derived Delta-9 edible infusions allowing for an option between therapeutic applications and enhanced hemp experiences.

Our Mission

Siva Seed Co. aims to provide genetics to the agricultural industry by growing, manufacturing, and selling industrial and medicinal cannabis derived products to consumers, producers, and distributers globally.

Meet Our Team

Our team is made up of agriculture specialists, cannabis experts, and successful entrepreneurs with extensive experience in the cannabis field. For optimal quality, we are in control of every aspect of our production from the soil and seeds to the finished products.

AJ Azqueta

Nemo Pultz