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Lemon Octane CBD Pre-Rolls

This Indica dominant variety of CBD flower is known for its potent percentage rate of cannabinoids and terpenes. This produces a rich smell and taste, with users describing a citrus and diesel profile. The complex variety of terpenes produces robust flavors and effects ranging from relaxing to energetic and focused. This is a great variety to relax after a long day.


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Indica Dominant-Relaxing
-CBD: 12 % -CBG: 1.1 %
Potency results are reported on a dry weight basis. Total THC = delta 9-THC + (THCA * 0.877) Total CBD = CBD + (CBDA * 0.877) Total CBG = CBG + (CBGA * 0.878) LOQ=Limit of Quantification, the lowest measurable concentration of an analyte.

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